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Quit drinking the easier way. My ditch the drink infograph shows you how. A first step to living your best life is quitting your drinking habit. Get the infograph that shows how to do it the easier way.
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    the path to a clear mind, healthy body and shining brightly in the second half of life.

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    • January 06, 2021 How to quit drinking cold turkey
      How to quit drinking cold turkey On December 3, 2018, I decided to quit drinking cold turkey. I’d woken up feeling like sewage from drinking too much alcohol the night before with friends and, this time dammit, I was done with alcohol. I’d known even in those early morning hours that my vow might not stick. It never did before. What would finally make it work this time?
    • December 02, 2020 What two years of no alcohol taught me 
      What two years of no alcohol taught me 

      Today marks two years since I quit drinking alcohol. Not a sip in two years. Wow! Considering it once required tremendous effort to go a week without wine, this is a spectacular feat. Ironically, I’m not sure how to mark this anniversary since my mind still automatically falls back to champagne as the way to celebrate a momentous occasion! And, yet, I definitely have no intention of returning to alcohol any time soon

    • October 27, 2020 The spiritual practice of quitting alcohol
      The spiritual practice of quitting alcohol I’ve always considered myself a pretty spiritual person. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strange desire to learn the meaning of life. Existential questions kept me up at night, as early as age 12. 
    • September 20, 2020 How to eat less and feel good
      How to eat less and feel good When I hit my 40s, I was warned by many older friends that maintaining my weight would become impossible now that I was reaching middle age. That my slim days were over and to just accept it - this was the way things went. It concerned me (well, terrified me). I’d never obsessed over being thin, but I liked living an active life, eating healthy-ish and comfortably fitting into my favourite tight jeans.