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A new website name and more

A new website name and more

I've seen my traffic steadily rising by the month, which is wonderful to observe. The reason I began this blog was to share the message that anyone who wants to quit drinking alcohol, can do it! I am living proof of that. I was aware of alcohol's destructive role in my life, but was convinced I could never quit. I loved it and relied on it way too much and for too long. Yet, I was able to quit, and it's been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. 

Through this blog, and in my personal life, I love sharing all the ways that an alcohol-free lifestyle has improved my life, as well as its infinite benefits to a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Just as important has been my commitment to write in a judgement-free way that never projects shame or guilt on my readers. I hope I have accomplished this. 

Just after the pandemic hit this year, I decided to take some time to figure out where I wanted this blog to go. Should I continue updating it? Should I change the focus? Is this really where I wanted to focus my energy? As a result, I have not posted since April (yikes!)

The break has allowed me to clarify the direction of this website. For starters, I'm changing its name to Radiant Age in the coming days (RadiantAge.ca). It will still include a focus on the non-alcoholic lifestyle, but will also broaden to include additional lifestyle changes that encourage better health, deeper meaning and compassionate living for those in the "second half" of their lives. 

As a woman in my mid-40s, I see a need among my age group to find renewed purpose in our lives. A new direction, fresh risk-taking, a shedding of our past. During this second half of life, we face tremendous change that's quite discombobulating. Our children grow up (and out), our bodies change (not quite as exciting as puberty), and aspects of our mental, emotional and physical health are challenging. I see so many women and men who want make to life changes but are either unsure how, or are too afraid to take the leap. 

It is my hope that, through content based on research, interviews and personal experience, Radiant Age will inspire and educate you to make mindful lifestyle choices that develop a clear mind, nourish a healthy body and embark on a life without limits in life after 40.  

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