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My name is Danielle and I live in the Toronto area. I began this blog shortly after I quit drinking alcohol as a way to keep myself accountable to my sobriety vow and to share with other sober curious peeps the challenges and rewards of an alcohol-free lifestyle. I’d been a social drinker for 30 years when I decided to quit, so it was a huge change for me. I loved wine and never thought it possible to enjoy life without it. Quitting? Never. No way. Yet, more than two years in, I realize that life is so much better with 100% clarity.

I've experienced growth in self-awareness, personal productivity and overall happiness. Now in my mid-forties, I’m learning that there are so many additional ways to experience amazing health even as I age (or despite my aging). Abstaining from alcohol is just the beginning.

For most of us, life after 40 offers a unique time– our kids are growing up (and out), our relationships have changed and many of us are feeling somewhat unfulfilled. We’re aching for something new or different. Radiant Age chronicles all the ways I’m exploring how to make this time of my life the best yet – physically, mentally and spiritually.

I’m not an expert on aging, psychology or physical health, nor do I claim to be. I’m just a curious gal eager to try new things and share what I learn through research, experience, and knowledge I’ve gained from my personal struggles (by mid-life, most of us have had our share.) In real life I’m a mother of teen boys, an author, runner, yoga instructor and editor of a lifestyle magazine. You can check out some of my published works here